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When it comes time to show off your seasonal holiday decorating skills, look no further than our Tinsel Patriotic Gift Boxes. Like a pair of bursting fireworks, this red, white, and blue duo features a double spray with pops of tinsel and sparkling LED stars for an impressive, yet nonexplosive accent. The Tinsel Patriotic Gift Boxes make any get together an exciting celebration.

The Set of two Sparkling Tinsel Boxes can be arranged in an eye-catching design by singly or be added to other pieces to create a dazzling summer holiday scene. It can be staked into the ground in your yard or placed on your front porch to welcome your guests into your home. 180 cool white LED lights with 8 functions make this a fun decor piece and light up the summer nights. With a 9.84-foot lead cord, it's a quick and easy set up. Decorate your home with The Prelit Sparkling Tinsel Decor.


  • 180 Cool white LED lights
  • 8 functions
  • Blue/red/white tinsel
  • For Indoor Use and Outdoor Use
  • 9.84' ( 3 m) Lead Cord
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