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Plush Bunny Decor Set of 3 comes dressed for the Easter holiday. Dad Bunny is in a blue and white checkered jacket with polka dot pockets paired with denim trousers. Under his jacket he's wearing a yellow shirt with a white flower pattern and a large orange bowtie. His blue top hat is adorned with glittered pink and blue Easter eggs made of styrofoam with green felt leaves–matching the green and blue egg bouquet he's holding in his hands. His large pinkish ears stick out from his hat. Daddy Bunny stands 21" high but can extend up to 26" with extendable legs. 

Mommy Bunny is dressed in a yellow and white polka dot dress. The ruffles and ribbon on her dress make her look charming and sweet. On her head are two glittered pink and blue styrofoam eggs with green felt leaves. She's holding a perfectly trimmed PVC carrot with felt leaves. Like Daddy Bunny , she has extendable legs that make her stand from 22.5" to 27" high. 


  • Dad and Mom have adjustable legs.
  • Dad can extend from 21" tall to 26" tall
  • Mom can extend from 22.5" tall to 27" tall
  • For indoor use only
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