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The Gillette SkinGuard razor blade refills are clinically proven for sensitive skin with the SkinGuard feature that smooths your skin and protects it from the blades. It is designed to stop irritation with lubrication before and after the blade, working to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at the skin level. Your shave will have the right blend of closeness to avoid potential irritations you may have experienced from other razors. This may be a bit different from the Gillette shave you've experienced in the past, but you will still get a great shave that helps stop irritation and razor bumps.


  • Gillette SkinGuard has optimally spaced blades to help prevent razor bumps and burn
  • The SkinGuard feature smooths your skin and protects it from the blades
  • Lubrication before and after the blades helps to shield your skin from irritation while you shave
  • Comes with the SkinGuard Flexball Power handle
  • Provides soothing micro vibrations which help reduce friction and increase glide
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