Command Clear Mini Wall Hooks let you decorate and organize how you want, when you want, without damaging your walls and surfaces. These Command Clear Hooks blend in seamlessly to walls and surfaces so you can showcase your decor, not how it’s hung. A great home improvement item, these wall hooks stick on a variety of smooth surfaces without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue. Use these hanging hooks to hang keys, jewelry, lanyards, school accessories, string lights, rope lights, garlands and ornaments. Simply mount these adhesive hooks on painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate, glass, metal and tiles and enjoy the damage-free hanging of your favorite decorations and organizers. Perfect for home renovators and college students, use these wall hooks in your home, office, apartment or dorm room. Directions are included; follow the directions closely to use the wall hooks as intended. Prior to mounting, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to allow the wall hangers to maintain a strong bond with the surface. Lightly hold the top of the wall hooks and slowly pull them straight down towards the floor to remove and prevent surface damage. A clever decorating and organizing solution that doesn’t damage surfaces, these miniature wall hooks will help you fearlessly change your space.

  • Includes 48 Hooks, 48 Command Strips
  • Each hook holds .5 lb.
  • Works on a variety of smooth surfaces
  • Damage-free hanging-wall hooks
  • Easy clean removal
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