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The bObsweep Robot Vacuum and Mop is a versatile robot vacuum cleaner that specializes in cleaning both carpets and hard floors. It's a combination vacuum and mop, equipped with a 3-stage cleaning process. The bObsweep Robot Vacuum and Mop sweeps, vacuums and mops in a single pass, ensuring floors are cleaned thoroughly, especially carpets. 

There are multiple cleaning modes meet every home’s unique cleaning needs: 

  • Auto Clean Mode for thorough coverage of all floors
  • Wall Follow Mode for cleaning edges and corners
  • Spot Mode for focusing on hard-to-clean mess areas

Use the mobile app to adjust suction power to twice its normal mode for a deep, thorough clean. It's great for hard floors, carpets and tackling those particularly problematic messes. Automatic charging means no human intervention is required for charging! When the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to its charging station and recharges all by itself. 

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