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The BirdRock Home Utility Shovels are great for use as an emergency snow brush for your vehicle, or for backpacking, hiking, riding an ATV and so much more. A reliable and lightweight emergency shovel is a must whether you are driving in snow, camping or snowmobiling. The innovative folding design allows the shovel to quickly and easily collapse so you can attach to a backpack or stow away in your care, truck, SUV, RV, ATV, UTV or snowmobile. 

The shaft of the shovel extends up to 34 inches to give you extra leverage. The lightweight aluminum construction allows you to easily maneuver the shovel when shoveling snow, dirt, mud, sand, gravel, etc. The shovel features a comfortable textured rubber grip so that you can have a reliable hold on it when shoveling. Extended dimensions are 9" wide x 34.25" long x 2.4" high and folded dimensions are 9" wide x 22" long x 2" high. BirdRock Home Utility Shovels are a dependable addition to keep on hand for all types of winter scenarios.

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