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This 23" Infrared Tower Heater now comes with a round front control panel and its upgraded structure makes low noise. It features with a powerful UV-LED light combined with heat to kill germs and bacteria in the air. Not only designed for those looking for a quality heater at an affordable price, but also those interested in breathing clean air. It is housed in an elegant dark walnut MDF wood cabinet and portable, which offers you the luxury of easily moving the heater from room to room. This unit also features oscillating louvers that move side to side circulating air throughout the room while the rest of the unit remains stationary. 

Three infrared quartz tubes produce soft, even heat, targeting people and objects as it slowly spreads into the room, do not dry out your skin like those convection heaters that blast out hot air, stripping the room of moisture. There are 2- heat settings for up to 1500-Watt of power, plus an energy saving ECO mode which takes the heater wattage and self-regulates to maintain a constant 68° using only the most efficient power consumption. The unit features several convenient operating features including a large easy to read digital thermostat, soft touch button controls, 12-hour count-up and count-down timer and a full function remote control. Innovative UV-LED light embedded safely inside the heating chamber protecting your eyes and actively using a specific light wavelength to help kill germs and bacteria. As airflow is taken into the heater, the dirty air particles are blasted with UV light, effectively disinfecting the air before it is released back into the room. Works with or without heat. Enjoy safe healthy heat today with the innovative infrared quartz heater with powerful UV-LED.


  • Infrared heating and 3 heat settings 
  • Energy-saving Eco mode
  • Round front easy control panel
  • Improved heating structure and low noise
  • Built in UV-LED light helps kill germs and bacteria

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