Swivel Straight Christmas Tree Stand will help keep a tree upright and looking nice throughout the season. The stand allows for easy set up of a Christmas Tree. In three simple steps, the Christmas tree holder can be assembled: just clamp it, raise it and swivel it straight. Simplify the holidays with the one-minute Christmas tree stand. It's green and has three bolts that hold the tree up. Add water to the base to keep the tree healthy and well-hydrated, so it is safe to be indoors. This Christmas tree stand has drain slots to help keep the mess down.

  • Holds a tree up to 10' tall
  • Separate trunk receptacle attaches to tree trunks as large as 4.75" in diameter
  • Foot pedal retracts and locks Christmas tree into upright position
  • Water reservoir holds up to 3.5 qts (0.875 gal) of water to keep your tree fresh
  • Large bolts with comfortable handles make tightening screws easy
  • Drain slots prevent messy spills during disassembly
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