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Requiring only construction adhesive and screws, these panels can be easily cut and installed using everyday woodworking tools. The seamless, interlocking panels save you time and money when classic stone is the look you desire. StoneWall panels have been designed to eliminate the need for professional mason if you want to complete the project yourself quickly and easily. Impervious to decay, insect infestation, mold and mildew make this product a low-maintenance, high-end upgrade. Molded from real stone and rock, the panels look and feel authentic, making impressive interior projects a snap too. These faux siding panels are a smart investment, as they are affordable, simple to install, and add instant value to your home.
  • Lightweight for quick and easy installation saves time and money
  • Effortless urethane material offers minimal upkeep and lasting beauty
  • Molded with realistic clarity to emulate authentic stacked stone
  • Tongue and groove panels interlock for seamless design
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior projects
  • Durable and energy saving, adding an extra layer of insulation
  • Dimensions:  48 5/8"W X 24 3/4"H X 1 1/4"D

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