All-in One Sleep Solution

Need a good night’s sleep? Most people turn to Sealy. Sealy Kids Projector was able to address every kind of kid sleeper. With two animated kid friendly projecting shapes, multi-color projection, 25 built in sleep noises and a Bluetooth speaker, this product is packed with value to give you and your kids a goodnights sleep.

2 Animated Projection Shapes

Space or Ocean animals? Whether your kid in intrigued with space or ocean animals we got you covered. Fascinated by Rocket ship, Astronaut UFO’S or your favorite ocean animals such as starfish, sharks, turtles and more. Sealy has your dream in mind.

Both Remote and App Controlled

Easily Control the Sealy machine's multi colors, shapes, 25 built in sounds, sleep timer in 30 minute intervals (30, 60, and 90 minutes) all from the comfort of your smart phone with the SealyCare App. No phone, no problem this also includes a traditional remote control for all operations.

Bluetooth Speaker

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, you can now relax with your favorite music. Easily switch into Bluetooth mode for your best bedtime songs.

Multi Angle Adjustable Base

Can’t get the right spot on the wall to light up? Simply adjust the projector to the perfect angle to cover the perfect spot in the room.

High-Definition Projection

Display one color at a time or a magnificent multi-color projection experience lets you control your favorite sleep environment.

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