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Can YOU resist the squish?! The My Squishy Little squad is growing! Meet Pax the Pineapple! He’s an all-new scented character with a BIG personality, and the cutest accessory to match his signature scent! Pax the Pineapple is the perfect pal that fits in the palm of your hand. Squeeze Pax’s cheeks and watch his body pop out! Learn all about Pax through Squish Pop, the Squishy Little language, listen closely and you may just learn some of his totally sweet catchphrases! Plus, Pax will tell you how he’s feeling using the light on his head! With over 50 reactions; dress him up, tickle him, shake him, and toss him, he lights up as you play and makes the cutest sounds! Get popping with the My Squishy Little Pax the Pineapple! Fun for Ages 5+.
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