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This grinder comes filled with salt crystals harvested from the Mediterranean Sea. The unique mineral properties of these waters give Sea Salt its distinctive taste and color. The Sea Salt Grinder is an all-glass container, style to meet the culinary needs, and décor of your kitchen and dining room. This Sea Salt is natural; it comes from the sea just as salt has been harvested throughout history. This gift from the ocean can be used as a cooking ingredient, a savory condiment, or even to preserve food in the old curing tradition that has been used for thousands of years. Sea Salt is often used for salads, vegetables, and grilled meats. Looking for a treat that's salty and sweet? Sea Salt provides an easy and delicious solution for that craving. Because of its larger crystals, Sea Salt is great for sprinkling on top of various baked goods. Some popular ways to use sea salt include sprinkling it on roasted veggies, adding it to chocolate-based desserts, and using it to season steaks, burgers, and fish. Sea salt and table salt have basically the same nutritional value, although sea salt is marketed, at times, as a natural and healthy alternative for sodium.


  • Sea Salt from the Mediterranean
  • Ceramic grinder delivers precise, consistent results
  • Grind from coarse to fine
  • Glass bottle goes from pantry to tabletop

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