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Foss Peel and Stick Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tiles bring the comfort of home to the great outdoors, inviting you to spend more time relaxing and entertaining in your favorite spaces. These self-stick carpet tiles install in minutes over most surfaces, including concrete, tile, and low-pile carpet, making these perfect for any space–from balconies, patios, poolsides, and sunrooms to decks, porches, outdoor kitchens, and even commercial applications. With attractive patterns, strong adhesive backing, and incredibly resilient construction, these carpet tiles are the perfect blend of comfort and durability. Foss Peel and Stick Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tiles not only look great, but are perfect for eliminating slip hazards year-round wherever wet or icy conditions may occur and for adding a cool surface to hot decks, concrete, or brick areas that can burn feet in direct sunlight. Pets feel right at home, and the durable tiles are easy to clean and naturally resist stains.


  • 15 Tiles covers 60 square feet
  • Comfortable underfoot, inviting to the eye, and incredibly durable
  • A do-it-yourself solution to easily elevate any indoor or outdoor space
  • Installs quickly over most surfaces like concrete, tile and low-pile carpet

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