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 Jewel Sparkles' Personality Jewel Sparkles was sewn from remnants of a real princess’ dress. Jewel is very graceful, a little bit bossy, and loves to dance and wear sparkly clothes. She has a Persian cat. Jewel Sparkles is a perfect gift for your little princess! Reusable House Playset (Almost Zero Waste!) Each NEW package is a reusable house playset with photo details of found objects that uniquely express the personality of each doll, like Jewel's pearl and rhinestone decor and vanity in her house. Child helps build the house with extra pieces! Build the pet house, add the pink bow chimney, and attach the awning. Connect Jewel’s house with other houses to create Lalaloopsy Land! Innovative Storytelling Child gets to “sew the last stitch” to release doll from package to magically bring the doll to life in their pretend play. Dimensions (Overall): 13 Inches (H) x 4 Inches (W) x 3 Inches (D)  This doll is sold at Target for $29.99
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