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Experience Motion-Powered Lights

The Jetson Highlight Motion-Powered Light-Up Scooter is a burst of fun, bright colors that transform your child's ride into an exciting light show. As they ride, the scooter's lights come alive with multicolored movement, all without the need for batteries. This kinetic tech wonder is available in two vibrant colors, adding an extra layer of excitement to the scooter's illumination.

Colorful Scooter Magic

The scooter's side deck lights move from front to back, creating mesmerizing patterns of color. It's an instant mood booster that feels somewhat magical. Not to be outdone, the wheels light up as well. With a 6" diameter, these wheels glide more smoothly than the smaller ones typically found on beginner 2-wheel scooters.


  • Kinetic LED lights in wheels and deck illuminate when on the go
  • Height-adjustable handlebar for growing kids
  • L 32.4" x W 14.1" x H 33.1"
  • Foldable for easy carrying, storage, and transport

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