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Surge XL is the ultimate supersized Gel Blaster powerhouse designed for total battlefield domination. Leave them in awe as you blast 100% farther than imitators, backed by 25% more Gellet capacity for extended gameplay. Amp your game with Gel Blaster Gellets designed exclusively for Gel Blaster products to maximize blasting performance.

Unrivaled Power & Distance

Shock your competitors with extraordinary range as you hit targets up to 150 feet away with astonishing accuracy and speed. Unleash blazing speeds of 250 feet per second in competitive play, while boosting your stability with the detachable buttstock, and become a tactical powerhouse on the field.

Extreme Adjustability for Tactical Domination

Customize your gaming experience with three adaptable blasting modes: single shot, triple burst, or rapid-fire full auto (10 shots per second). With the fully adjustable FPS, you can gradually decrease the velocity from 250 to 170 FPS making it easy to tone down the intensity when playing with younger or less experienced players.

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