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Multipurpose Sleek Couch Arm Tray
Have your drink, snacks, remote and cell phone all in one place right next to you while watching that action movie or the football game. The Couch Arm Tray lets you have all of these items in one place while having an organized and cool look.

A Non-Slip Product
Our portable couch tray has a non-slip, strong, and anti-dust silicon surface on its top, so you can place anything on it. You can place snacks, bowls, drinks, remotes, mobiles, and other things on it to prevent them from falling.

Premium Quality Material
This product has long lasting quality materials, while being friendly with the environment being made from bamboo. Having the options of two stylish colors like black and natural beige to match all types of furniture.

Beautifully Designed
The modern look of this Sofa Arm Tray with the unique design makes it an awesome product. Whether you want to have it for decoration or to place your bowl of cereal, it gets the job done.

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