BUTTHEADS! Their heads are BUTTS! Introducing the Series 2 Buttheads, Scuba, Sir Flushalot, King Butt, and Uranus. A Ghastly Group who love to let it rip. 3 different ways to play include, pull their finger for gross farting noises, prank your friends and family with the delayed fart feature, and challenge your friends to a fart battle! These Buttheads compete cheek-to-cheek to see who is the true master of farts. Uranus is a nasty green machine with a fart that’s out of this world!
  • Each Butthead has their own signature fart sounds! (Alien Fart Sounds)
  • Set the timer, plant the Butthead, and prank your friends and family.
  • Challenge your friends to a fart battle!
  • 20+ fart sounds!
  • Smelly trading card included
  • Batteries included
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