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Get ready for an adventure of cosmic proportions with the Blippi Rocket Ship! This 14-inch playset features an elevator that your child can use to move Blippi up and down the Rocket Ship. Add a 3-inch Blippi and alien figure to your Blippi collection. Wah hoo hoo - this intergalactic playset includes over ten Blippi sounds and phrases! Place Blippi on his command center chair and spin him around. Let Blippi’s alien friend take a stellar ride inside the UFO. Take the space rover around the Rocket Ship and plant your Blippi flag down for all to see. Defy gravity by placing Blippi on the claw so he looks like he’s floating in outer space! Then push him down the slide and start the fun all over again!

(1) Rocket Ship Playset
(1) Blippi Figure
(1) Alien Figure
(1) UFO
(1) Space Rover
(1) Blippi Flag

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