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That is one BIG eagle!

Soar above the ordinary - launch America's National Bird and enjoy showing its strength and beauty high in the sky.


  • This 3D kite is perfect for adults wanting something interesting and memorable. It is also the most requested kite to fly by our children, and most compliments from passers by. Typical comments: "It looks amazing" "I thought it was real" "That's a huge bird"
  • This raptor looks very realistic when flying. **This is not a flat kite** Thrilling details on the Eagle's head will capture your attention and gets double-takes from nearby birds.
  • This bird comes with everything you need to fly including resealable bag, winder, strong kite line, and helpful suggestions and color pictures to guide you. Included instructions have links to additional support and helpful videos.
  • Make some memories of fun and share the joy of flying in the wind. The wing span is 7 feet - same as a full grown eagle, yet the kite is easy to assemble and fly.
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