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The 3 Tiered Wrought Iron Round Basket has a classic and traditional feel. This sturdy food-safe black wrought iron stand can be used on the kitchen counter to hold fruit, bread or snacks. When you're having people over, you could use it to create a beautiful table centerpiece. Or, put one in the bathroom to store toiletries for family and guests. You could also use one in your home office to hold office supplies. 

The stand is easy to assemble and includes a round handle on the top to allow you to easily carry it from room to room. This versatile stand measures 15" in length x 15" in width x 29" in height. The upper and middle baskets are slightly smaller than the lower basket to make it easy to access items out of each basket. 


  • Versatile 3-tier stand 
  • Adds extra storage on counters
  • Sturdy wrought iron design
  • Traditional black color is timeless
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